the ask: to design a system of icons to be used across the app as user avatars and keyboard emojis. 


final icons

about thirdvote

Thirdvote is a software company designed to help people with their disputes.
The platform allows for two people to argue anonymously and get a crowdsourced third party opinion.

wolf evolution.png

the process

The client has provided original assets to follow as guidelines with a request to make the animal characters a bit friendlier. Above you can see the progression the wolf has undergone from the first iteration. The middle illustration showcases a much friendlier look that stays within the style provided by thirdvote design team. Along the way we decided to switch it up a bit, so we ventured out into a different direction. The characters took a more "rounded" shape with less sharp corners and edges. They all have a bit more personality and individuality, complemented by different accessories. The animals become a playful reflection of the user and their experience in the app.


concept sketches